The Golf Course – May 2015

The first golf season, with the front 9 holes finalized and open to play, has been very successful. The course was very well received by players of all handicaps and by golf architecture experts and enthusiasts. Seeing our members and their guests proudly enjoying their golf course this season has been rewarding and fulfilling.

We were very happy to witness some of the first birdies and eagles. The first eagle ever at El Desafío was recorded by Daniel Posse on the 540 yard par 5 8th hole, reaching the green in two great shots and sinking a 10 foot putt. Holes 7 and 8 have seen the most birdies so far, although the par 3 9th was birdied by the first player ever to play the hole, from inches behind the hole and missing a hole in one by the smallest of margins.

During the past summer we worked on the last bunker details and we are very pleased with the final result. The bunkers have a natural rugged look that harmonizes well with the Patagonian landscape and contrast very nicely with the more formal fairways and greens.

Also during the past summer, and as we anticipated after the late seeding the prior fall, we reseeded the fairways and greens of holes 3 and 9 to make sure we have a great playing surface and up to par with the rest of the golf course. We also re shaped the first tee in accordance with modifications requested by Greg Norman Golf Course Design to ensure better visibility of the fairway from the tees and produce a somewhat longer tee shot. Some further drainage work was done on the first hole fairway close to the green as some water started emerging from a side hill.

With respect to the front 9 holes, construction is now over and only normal maintenance work and time remains to give the course maturity. For next season we expect to mow the greens lower and allow for greater speeds. The first club competitions will be organized. The course will remain open during winter, with play restrictions following snow or severe freezes that do not allow play.

Also during the past summer we worked on shaping of some of the back 9 holes, work that will continue during next summer. Work schedule will focus on holes 10, 11, 17 and 18 before continuing with the last 5 holes. If you visit El Desafío you can already see the longest hole on the course and the one requiring more shaping work, #18, already graded and close to having its final shaping.

As from now, members can invite accompanied or unaccompanied guests to play golf at El Desafío. Please email El Desafío at to reserve tee times ahead of time.

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